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New Belvue Park

The Belvue Park Organization (BPO) and City of Belvue have been working on installing new playground equipment for the city for about 3 years now. BPO has been hosting fundraisers to help support the funds of this project. They have "All you can eat breakfast" at the Fire barn in the winter months, had a booth at the Oztoberfest in Wamego, and a Plant sale in the month of April. We have had alot of supporters as well. The Onxy Collection, Honeycut Consuction, Valley Concrete, Catapiller of Wamego have donated to our project. BPO has joined up with Kansas Rural Communities Foundation (KRCF). The Kansas Rural Communities Foundation exists to help concerned individuals mobilize charitable giving to support the betterment of Kansas communities and organizations. To this end, the Foundation assists many communities in rural Kansas to provide or continue essential services, such as health care, telecommunications, education, environmental protection, libraries, community centers, parks/recreation, and scholarships. You can go to www.thekrcf.org and donate to Belvue Community Improvement Fund today.